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Paul Skilbeck

Monday 13 March 2017

2017 NAHBS awards

The 2017 winners of the coveted NAHBS awards displayed in all their glory.

2017 NAHBS awards
Apart from the builder (standing, center), it takes a lot of people to make a bike, including the owner (lying)! Photo courtesy NAHBS/Quartuccio

Erik Noren: Best in Show and Best Theme Bike (USA). Prior awards: 2014 President's Choice.


Best Gravel Bike: Mosaic Cycles (USA) Prior awards: 2013 Best Cyclocross.


Best Road Bike: Kirk Frameworks (USA). Prior awards: Best Fillet 2010, 2008.


Best Cyclocross Bike: Donhou Bicycles (UK). First time at NAHBS.


Best Mountain Bike: Sklar Bikes (USA). No prior awards.


Best City/Utility Bike: Shamrock Cycles (USA). Prior awards: Best Finish 2015, Best City Bike 2012.


Best Track Bike: LOW// Bicycles (USA). First time at NAHBS.


Best Artisan Bike: Black Sheep Bikes (USA) Prior awards: Best Tandem 2015, Best Ti Bike & Best Tandem 2013, Best Experimental Bike 2012, Best Offroad Bike 2011.


Best Tandem: Santana Cycles (USA). No prior awards.


Best Experimental Bike: Rock West Composites (USA). First time at NAHBS.


Best Fillet Brazing: Kirk Frameworks (USA). Prior awards: Best Fillet 2010, 2008.


Best Carbon Fiber Layup: Alchemy Bicycle Co. (USA). Prior awards: Best Layup 2015, Best Carbon 2013&12.


Best TIG welding: Kent Eriksen Cycles (USA). Prior Awards: Best TIG 2016,15,14, Best Road 2014, Best Tandem 2013,12,11, Best Ti 2013,10,09


Best Finish: Black Magic Paint (USA). No prior awards.


Best New Builder: SaltAir Cycles (USA). First time at NAHBS.


People's Choice: Tallerico Handmade Bicycles (USA). No prior awards.


President's Choice: Enigma Bicycle Works (UK). First time at NAHBS.


Best Campagnolo Equipped Bike: No.22 Bicycle Company (USA). Prior awards: Best Cyclocross 2015.


Best Columbus-Tubed Bike: Breadwinner Cycles (USA). Prior awards: Best City/Utlity Bike 2016,12, Best MTB 2014,12, Best Road Frame 2007, Best Off-Road Frame 2007.

 Photographs in this pictorial feature were shot by Brad Quartuccio and are provided by the courtesy of NAHBS.