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Paul Skilbeck

Saturday 11 March 2017

BIXXIS from Doriano DeRosa

Doriano DeRosa of the famed Italian family and namesake bicycle brand started a new company, BIXXIS, with his daughter Martina, that focuses on handbuilt titanium and steel frames. He returned to NAHBS for the second time since launching the company in 2015.

BIXXIS from Doriano DeRosa
Photo: Paul Skilbeck

Doriano DeRosa travelled to NAHBS to show his new model Pathos, a titanium model in the BIXXIS style.

He introduced the frame to HBG readers, saying: “The frame is composed of 3/2.5 titanium which is matched with Chris King’s D11 headset. It is a 1 1/8th” headset with an oversize cup, which is larger but thinner. The frame weighs in around 1.3kg.

Maestro Doriano DeRosa and his new BIXXIS Pathos titanium model.    Photo: Paul Skilbeck

“At the rear the chainstays are swaged and tapered with large diameter tubing that is ovalized at the bottom bracket to 29mm x 21mm and which meets the dropout with a round section, measuring 19mm.”

DeRosa prefers to run his chainstays to compact rather than long dropouts, since his testing has shown this produces greater lateral stability.

The Pathos is available with horizontal or sloping top tubes.

Up at the front end, the BIXXIS features a high-shouldered Pegoretti fork. “I like this fork because it comes with two different rakes: for small riders 50mm, and for larger riders the more standard 45mm," DeRosa said.

The Pathos displayed is built up with Campagnolo Super Record components, but a wide range of parts can be specified when ordering the bike.