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Paul Skilbeck

Monday 18 April 2016

Demon Cycles - Vented cycling jacket

First an award winner at handbuilt bicycle shows on both sides of the Atlantic, now Tom Warmerdam of Demon Frameworks has designed a cycling and casual jacket that looks like a winner.

Demon Cycles - Vented cycling jacket
Tom Warmerdam with his Demon jacket. Photo: Paul Skilbeck.

The definitive urban cycling casual jacket might just have arrived, and judging by the large number of interested enquiries about the apparel rack in the Demon Frameworks booth during the three days of Bespoked, we seem to be not alone in this view.

“I put a huge amount of work into designing this, going back and forward loads of times with the manufacturers,” said Demon’s Tom Warmerdam. The manufacturers happen to be one of Manchester’s longest serving clothiers, Cooper & Stollbrand, founded by Private Jack White, a World War One veteran who had been awarded the Victoria Cross.

The biggest single factor in this jacket, styled after traditional American workwear, countrywear and shooting jackets, is the Ventile fabric. This is a super-dense weave cotton that breathes very well, but remains highly resistant to water. It has been used for cross country skiing and other mountainwear garments and has a history dating back to watersuits for military pilots. http://www.ventile.co.uk/about.htmlx

Apart from this excellent fabric, other than Features include: inner lining with sealed seams, action pleats for ease of movement, extra length arms, shaped cuffs, extendable back/drop seat with reflective strip, peaked collar with storm flap, game pocket with good space for an OS map, large chest and internal pockets, open back vent, armpit ventilation through grommets.

Quality does not come cheap, and the Demon Jacket is no exception. But it is made in England. GBP450 and it’s yours. Only 200 of these jackets will be available in 2016, with delivery expected in September. They can be obtained only through demonframeworks.com.