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Radsport USA

Matthew Butterman

Wednesday 09 March 2016

Radsport USA: Jah!

Radsport USA sells and distributes bicycles and components from exclusively German brands.

Radsport USA: Jah!
Matt Butterman

Rad in German means “wheel”, and radsport means cycling. As its name implies, Radsport USA sells and distributes exclusively German brands such as Syntace, Liteville, Trickstuff and SQ Lab.

Kenny Roberts is Der Kaiser at Radsport, and he showed us some of the highlights from the brands they carry. Chief among them was Syntace’s new X-12 thru-axle and dropout system that a lot of the builders at NAHBS are now adopting. This system is available in 0,1 and 5 mm offsets, and it solves the problem of tightening traditional thru-axles in two directions (axially and radially) by using a taper which clamps in both axial and radial directions even though the axle is only tightened axially. The X-12 is the only adjustable thru-axle currently available on the market.

Roberts also showed us some Syntace carbon handlebars that are touted as lasting longer than aluminum bars, and which have withstood over one million stress cycles in tests without breaking. Like a Mercedes or a BMW, Syntace components are known for strength and durability, and this trait is backed up by a ten-year warranty on all of their components.

German saddle manufacturer SQ Lab may be less well-known internationally, but they are the #2 selling saddle brand in Germany. They offer a truly custom, made-to-measure fitted saddle system they call “Active Design”. Customers can visit for a “sit and fit” at an SQ Lab dealer, where the optimal saddle width is determined through an imprint taken of the sit bones. This imprint, along with a consideration of other factors such as pelvis rotation and riding type/style is translated into a made-to-measure saddle with lateral movement built into the shell. Considering that the saddle is a critically vital component for performance and comfort, having a custom saddle to mount on your custom bike only makes sense for the discerning cyclist.

Radsport USA offers complete support for all of the brands they carry. For more information on Radsport USA and to purchase components online, visit their website at www.radsportusa.com.