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Paul Skilbeck and Rory Hitchens

Wednesday 10 July 2024

2024 Calendar of Shows & Expos

In 2024 there are more handbuilt bike shows than anytime this century. Here is a list of all the significant handbuilt bike expos and shows around the world that we've been able to find.

2024 Calendar of Shows & Expos
Steve Bilenky and Casey Sussman at PBE24. Photo: Firespire/PBE



CountryEvent NameDate, Location
GERBespoked GER2024.10.18-20 Dresden
USAMaster Bike Builders Show2024.09.14-15 Bentonville
USAMade USA2024.08.23-25 Portland
UKBrazin Scotland2024.08.03 Glasgow
UKBespoked UK2024.06.28-30 Manchester
AUSMade AUS2024.06.28-29 Melbourne
FRAConcours de Machines2024.06.25-30 Bonnemazon
AUSSpoken/Handmade Bicycle Show Australia2024.06.14-16 Melbourne
USAPhilly Bike Expo2024.03.16-17 Philadelphia
JPNJapan Handmade Bicycle Show2024.01.20 Tokyo


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